College of Law Pro Bono


The Pre-Approval Process has been eliminated. If you are uncertain if your work qualifies as pro bono, please email for clarification.

Pro bono is short for the Latin term pro bono publico, which roughly translates to “for the public good.” In the legal community, the designation is given to the free legal work done by an attorney for indigent clients, individuals caught in the justice gap, charitable organizations, and nonprofit entities. Stetson, like most institutions, believes that law students should begin this practice while still in school and continue this tradition throughout their legal careers.

Stetson was one of the first law schools in the nation to establish a pro bono service requirement for graduation. Countless Stetson Law students, faculty, alumni and staff members have been recognized for their pro bono commitments and contributions.

The American Bar Association requires that lawyers continue their pro bono work throughout their careers. The ABA Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 6.1) Voluntary Pro Bono Publico Service describe the responsibilities of attorneys to engage in pro bono service.

Model Rule 6.1 states that lawyers should aspire to render, without fee, at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services per year, with an emphasis on services that are provided to people of limited means or to nonprofit organizations that serve the poor. The rule recognizes that only lawyers have the special skills and knowledge needed to secure access to justice for low-income people.

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