*Hybrid* Youth Civic Summer Program



Stetson Law is excited to host this dynamic summer program as a unique and valuable opportunity for the youth participants to engage with our law school in a relaxed setting. The goal for the program is to help the participants learn ways to empower themselves and others about basic civic issues and advocacy, both within their communities and in their social media circles. This program is for students in the Pinellas County, Florida area, aged 15-17 who are considered underrepresented due to race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, and other underrepresented identities.

The curriculum will include interactive workshops led by Stetson Law faculty and law students on the following topics: civic engagement, social justice advocacy, personal and community/online advocacy, youth leadership and more. The program will also include engagement with local attorneys and judges, and will require high engagement from all participants through active webcams and microphones/speakers.
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