Black Voters Matter



Black Voters Matters works to increase power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities. And while effective voting is an important way for a community to determine its own destiny, that’s only one way the organization strives to build power. In addition to voting and electoral organizing, Black Voters Matter supports community-based organizations
working on a wide range of issues such as mass incarceration, gentrification, health care, education and more.

We are looking for volunteers who want to join our power building team and make a real impact. If you believe in our mission, take the next steps by volunteering with our texting, phone banking, fundraising, postcard party, and other campaigns. Each volunteer opportunity helps to increase voter engagement, supports protecting our right to vote, and gets us closer to our goal of building permanent, progressive power in Black communities!

We are a nationwide organization with local hubs in several states.

Sustainable Development Goals
723 People | 671 Impacts | 767 Hours